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Wishes are not only granted in fairy tales

Prince – FREE dating app with a bit of magic

Why Prince?

For Her

  • Know what you want
  • Embrace your feminine side
  • Turn your wishes into reality

For Him

  • Stop guessing and start granting
  • Embrace your inner-gentleman
  • Take the lead

How Prince Works

  1. Step 1

    The Lady posts a wish

  2. Step 2

    The Gentleman decides if he’s
    willing to grant the wish or not

  3. Step 3

    A chat is opened for
    48 hours, giving two days
    to plan the date



Julia, 26

Everything started with a wish for a caramel latte, and we’ve been together for three months now.

Alena, 21

The options are endless; I feel like I’ve done everything, from learning how to play chess, to visiting a strip club for the first time.

Valery, 19

I’ve gone on three dates so far. They were great, but I feel like I can finally afford to be picky.

... and more

We live in a world where guys are expected to guess what girls want, whilst girls are taught to be indirect about their desires. This makes the dating game much harder – as if relationships weren’t complicated enough already...

At Prince, we believe that being straightforward doesn’t take away the fun – it adds to it. Download the app for a whole new dating experience, where Ladies can explore their desires, and Gentlemen choose whether they want to grant them or not. There are thousands of possible matches, and our app helps turn potential couples into real ones.

So, how does Prince work? Ladies are given the chance to post a wish, whilst Gentlemen can browse through thousands of wishes and profiles alike, and choose what wish they would like to grant. Once chosen, the two of you are given the option to chat and decide on those key details.

With thousands of dating apps out there, online-dating often lives up to its name by staying only “online”. At Prince, you are given a maximum of 48 hours to chat and decide on the date. After the two days pass, the lady and the gentleman will now have to meet in real life. Wishes don’t only come true in fairytales, but they won’t come true unless you meet face-to-face. So get planning to get granting!

Also, we know just how dull it can be to limit your options. That’s why Prince provides you with cool features like Teleport, which allows you to find a match from far, far away. For just $4.99 a month, you can connect with ladies/gentlemen outside of your area, turning your dating experience into an exciting adventure.

Tany wants
Relaxing Massage 😘
Anastasia wants
To Go Snowboarding
Alex wants
To Play Board Games
Emma wants
To Travel To Amsterdam
Eva wants
A Teddy Bear
Olivia wants
To Drink a Cup of Coffee ☕☕☕
Chloe wants
To Dance Till the Morning

Download Prince now. It’s FREE.